What is Boltz?

Boltz is a privacy first, account-free crypto exchange that can't track its users. Boltz neither users any trackers nor log any data that could potentially be traced back to the identity of the users.

Why should one use a non-custodial exchange?

Non custodial exchanges give you full control over your funds. All trades on Boltz are executed in a way that we cannot steal any money from you. Period.

Either the trade happens entirely and you get the exact amount of the asset you were promised or you will be able to do a refund. This concept is called atomicity and it is achieved by Boltz with so-called Submarine Swaps. You can read more about them in this blog post.

What wallets are supported by Boltz?

All regular and Lightning wallets are supported by Boltz. Although we encourage you to run a full node and manage your own keys, there are custodial wallets solutions, like BlueWallet, that work out of the box and can make testing Boltz very easy.

How to open Lightning channels with Boltz?

We appreciate any channels you open with our Lightning nodes, use the nodeid@port provided below to open a channel to us.

Bitcoin LND node:


026165850492521f4ac8a[email protected]:9735

Bitcoin LND node Onion Address: